The Ball Op Maat machine is equipped with robotic technology. All parts of the football " robot" are made from the highest quality materials that come with 2 years warranty. The machine is powered by a battery pack with built-in charger, which is good for approximately 7 hours of power. Furthermore, the machine has a remote drive function so it’s easily moved. The anti puncture tires make it possible to use the machine on different grounds.

Bal Op Maat specifications:


  • Width: 90 cm
  • Batteries: New generation traction battery
  • Length: 130 cm
  • Power Supply: 220 Volt battery charger
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Touchscreen: Ecolor with industrial computer
  • Weight: 225 kg
  • Remote: Ethernet with 8 functions
  • Ball warehouse: 10 Balls (to expend to 20)
  • Manual control
  • Warningsound by disruption
  • Data storage and reproduction
  • Free programming


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