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Your practice starts with Bal Op Maat

Bal Op Maat is the only distributor of the professional, high-tech football machine in the Benelux. Extreme accuracy and speeds up to 150 kilometres an hour, make the machine suitable for training both professionals and amateurs. Goalkeepers, defenders but also forwards and strikers are challenged to make the best of themselves. Bal Op Maat is completely computer controlled. Any desired program can be set. This way you decide exactly where you want the ball to land.

Bal Op Maat makes it possible to get the maximum out of each football practice thanks to it's 100% accuracy. The coach decides where the balls are shot at and the goalkeeper, defender or forward will have to stop /adopt these at their own reaction. Bal Op Maat is suitable for targeted training on heading in to goal and it can be used for recovery training after injury. Get the most out of every practice with the football machine of Bal Op Maat! For more information about the machine, demonstrations or prizes, mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Keeper gloves

Bal Op Maat has its own line of goalkeeper gloves! Stop every ball with the quality goalkeeper gloves from Bal Op Maat. BOM goalkeeper gloves are made of the finest materials at an affordable price. These comfortable gloves are suitable for all weather conditions and surfaces.